interopbook: reviews


What follows are some of the reviews and comments for this book:

Useful answers for difficult questions By Chris in Issaquah

This is a book about solving specific problems in mixing .Net and non-.Net code. The author clearly defines the problem being solved, and then provides a useful and well illustrated solution. Normally I use MDSN and the Visual Studio help to answer questions, but neither of those is as useful in looking at Interoperability problems.

The book paid for itself quickly, by saving me time in understanding how to marshal structures over TCP between .Net and non-.Net code. I wish all technical books were as well done as this one.

DCOLIVE By D. Olivares

Clear, concise, well annotated and indexed on a topic that is generally not well understood.

Excellent book. By Developer Guy

Yes, from what Ive read in this book it is indeed excellent.

Why 'from what I've read?' Because the book, as it states, is in the form of recipes and I used this book to get specific info. Reading the book from cover to cover wasn't necessary.

Simply target a recipe for your problem, and go. Sometimes I also had to read other recipes since some are related to get the big picture. This worked really well for me.

The information is accurate and concise. The example code (downloadable) is in VB and C#

Well worth the money.